Avoid the downturn in your organization

Learn how to restructure your organization in uncertain times, how revitalize your corporate culture, and how to initiate necessary transformation

Does your organization lack vision?

Develop a vision that’s new and improved for your business and learn to revitalize your organization

Do you fear missing the digitization boat?

Transform your organization with experienced digitization experts and like-minded entrepreneurs

Is your corporate culture suffering?

Create a performance-oriented corporate culture based on trust and responsibility

Revitalized successfully

We help ambitious entrepreneurs around the world to strategically reorganize their organizations, to re-motivate, and to re-shape their teams. It is a proven combination that allows you to acquire the skills to successfully master difficult challenges. To, in effect, revitalize.

Protect your organization from the downturn

After the long ascent through the Startup and Scaleup stages — and after reaching the Prime stage — organizations often experience fatigue. Structures freeze, dynamics are lost, and the ability to innovate suffers. Despite the good economic situation lengthy bureaucracy, cumbersome processes, and mismanaged positions lead to a growing sense of frustration among your top talents.

The warnings of an imminent downturn are often overlooked because it takes some time until the negative effects of internal problems are tangibly expressed through financial results. Only when sales drop, do most organizations begin to act — often through symptom control instead of cause removal. We help you recognize warnings and initiate the necessary transformation that will save your organization from harmful contraction and decline. Instead of a bleak outlook that sees your organization ending in failure, Argopreneurs’ approach and methodology will revitalize you, your business and your futures.

Typical features of the Decline stage

Corporate Culture

  • Searching for culprits instead of solutions
  • Company events are only attended through coercion
  • Executives feel a loss of control


  • Administration is more important than R & D
  • “Not too fast” – defense mechanisms
  • “We have been doing this for years”


  • Vision and mission are an unknown concept to the team
  • The strategy is ridiculed and not taken seriously
  • Nothing within your strategy can secure the future


  • Process optimizations are prevented
  • Energy is wasted on trench battles
  • Personal advancement is more important than the success of the team

Learn how to master your challenges

Venture Building

Explore new business opportunities without losing focus on your core business: We turn your idea into a viable business using our tried and tested venture building process

Growth Audit

Identify the biggest growth potential drivers in strategy, corporate culture, innovation, and operations through an individualized analysis. We put your organization through its paces and get you ready for your digital transformation

Transformation Workshop

Get an overview of all relevant methods that enable a sustainable transformation and learn from real-life entrepreneurs how to apply them to boost your organization’s transformation and growth

Vision Workshop

Develop sustainable corporate strategies, a strategic company mission statement, as well as a viable business model including clear responsibilities that cumulates in your organization’s vision

Individual Leadership Coaching

Increase your leadership qualities through a one-year personal training program run by highly experienced top coaches and real-life entrepreneurs

Corporate Culture Intensive Training

Create a performance-oriented corporate culture and a team that possesses unquestionable strength through the support of our experienced organizational psychologists and entrepreneurs

Sales Academy

Learn from the world’s best sales experts how to dramatically increase your sales without losing focus of your core business

Design Thinking Workshop

Get to know the world’s most successful innovation method in a two-day workshop and develop products that your customers will love

Strategic Accompaniment – Annual Program

Scale your business at breath-taking speed, consulting side by side with experienced entrepreneurs

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