Stay in operational Prime through transformation

Argo Advisory offers unequalled support as you take on the long-term challenges of transformation, where -- as always -- our expertise will keep you one step ahead of the competition

Looking for optimization potential?

Review your organization in terms of its: Corporate Culture, Strategy, Operations and Innovation

You want to actively promote innovation?

Focus on the needs of your customers and develop user-centered innovations that your clients will love

You want to incorporate the latest tools and methods?

Immerse in the world of transformation and get to know innovative methods and the latest trends

Successfully accompanied

We support our clients in the form of a long-term partnership that enables and encourages lasting transformation.

The Prime stage is the goal of every entrepreneur

Throughout the Prime stage, companies experience the optimum balance between flexibility and control.

Existing business will be successfully evolving while processes are further optimized without significant challenges. Corporate culture — based on complete trust and communication — will reflect this. To avoid becoming victims of a novel technology or an aggressive competitor innovative projects are launched both inside and outside the organization. Staying in this position — and avoiding stagnation — demands continuous hard work both internally and externally. This is no more apparent than during the extremely complex process of digital transformation, a development all organizations have not only to be ready for, but must implement if they are to continue to be leaders in their fields.

Here to stay

Prime Phase

Typical features of the Prime stage

Corporate Culture

  • You want to optimize support of your executives
  • You want to heighten potential
  • You want to fully engage your employees

Venture Building

  • You have numerous business opportunities
  • Lack of infrastructure to perceive them
  • Free resources but lack of know-how


  • You want to renew your corporate strategy
  • You want to start a new business unit
  • You want to better integrate your leadership team


  • You want to optimize your processes further
  • You want to consolidate responsibilities
  • Methodology and technologically: Stay up-to-date

Learn how to master your challenges

ScaleUp Workshop

Get to know the renowned ScaleUp method for rapid scaling and develop a growth strategy that focusses on the right things

Venture Building

Explore new business opportunities without losing focus on your core business: We turn your idea into a viable business using our tried and tested venture building process

Sales Academy

Learn from the world’s best sales experts how to dramatically increase your sales without losing focus of your core business

Transformation Workshop

Get an overview of all relevant methods that enable a sustainable transformation and learn from real-life entrepreneurs how to apply them to boost your organization’s transformation and growth

Corporate Culture Intensive Training

Create a performance-oriented corporate culture and a team that possesses unquestionable strength through the support of our experienced organizational psychologists and entrepreneurs

Strategic Accompaniment – Annual Program

Scale your business at breath-taking speed, consulting side by side with experienced entrepreneurs

Digital Transformation Club

Join an exclusive “knowledge-community” for Digital Transformation that provides you with real-world best-practice approaches for your transformation project through direct exchanges with other executives

Design Sprint

Develop new products and services that your customers will love in just five days using Design Thinking, the most successful innovation method worldwide

Individual Leadership Coaching

Increase your leadership qualities through a one-year personal training program run by highly experienced top coaches and real-life entrepreneurs

Ready for the future?