Sustaining scale at the scaleup stage

Working hand-in-hand we scale your organizational infrastructure by setting up responsibilities, capturing processes, and defining metrics

Scaling: Where do we start?

Argopreneurs analyzes your organization, identifies your most significant growth potential and sets your scaling focus

Do you have the right toolbox?

Become skilled at how to use the most important approaches and learn how to successfully apply them independently throughout the scaling process

Does your team get in its own way?

Create a performance-oriented corporate culture based on trust. Scaling up will never have been easier

Successfully scaled

Globally we are constantly involved in assisting companies in the scaleup phase, we do this by establishing smart structures that enable companies to implement scaling purposefully while increasing profitability.

Scaling means creating structures and automation

During the scaleup stage companies often struggle with excessive demands and the lack of established structure at the startup stage is noticeable across all departments. At the same time, new markets need to be tapped and new products or features released. This constant balancing act between growth and structuring is an ordeal for many executives and hangs like the Sword of Damocles above entrepreneurs and management alike. Scaling demands understanding, a response and fast solutions or things can very quickly get out of control.

Typical experiences of the scaleup stage

Corporate culture

  • Pressure and tension build in the team
  • Unproductive internal communication
  • Lack of trust among team members

Venture Building

  • Increasing business opportunities
  • Lack of infrastructure to perceive them
  • Lack of know-how


  • Lack of vision in management
  • Different interpretations of strategy
  • Unclear or out-dated corporate strategy


  • Complicated processes and communications
  • Missing responsibilities and processes
  • Unstructured sales processes

Learn how to master your challenges

Design Thinking Workshop

Get to know the world’s most successful innovation method in a two-day workshop and develop products that your customers will love

Transformation Workshop

Get an overview of all relevant methods that enable a sustainable transformation and learn from real-life entrepreneurs how to apply them to boost your organization’s transformation and growth

Individual Leadership Coaching

Increase your leadership qualities through a one-year personal training program run by highly experienced top coaches and real-life entrepreneurs

Venture Building

Explore new business opportunities without losing focus on your core business: We turn your idea into a viable business using our tried and tested venture building process

Strategic Accompaniment – Annual Program

Scale your business at breath-taking speed, consulting side by side with experienced entrepreneurs

ScaleUp Workshop

Get to know the renowned ScaleUp method for rapid scaling and develop a growth strategy that focusses on the right things

Corporate Culture Intensive Training

Create a performance-oriented corporate culture and a team that possesses unquestionable strength through the support of our experienced organizational psychologists and entrepreneurs

Growth Audit

Identify the biggest growth potential drivers in strategy, corporate culture, innovation, and operations through an individualized analysis. We put your organization through its paces and get you ready for your digital transformation

Sales Academy

Learn from the world’s best sales experts how to dramatically increase your sales without losing focus of your core business

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