Corporate Culture Intensive Training

Create a performance-oriented corporate culture and a team that possesses unquestionable strength through the support of our experienced organizational psychologists and entrepreneurs

We offer:

  • Analysis of corporate culture
  • 2-5 days in-house program
  • Team development
  • Change management

What you take away:

  • Optimize your leadership
  • Strengthen your team spirit
  • Improve problem solving
  • Reflect on your teamwork

Essential for:

  • Result-oriented teams
  • Leaders eager to learn

in close collaboration with


Successfully transformed

Worldwide, Argopreneurs helps entrepreneurs build outstanding teams while equipping leaders and their corporate culture with the essential assets to significantly increase the performance and resilience of their organizations.

A healthy corporate culture is based on trust

Bring your organizational performance to a new, unrivaled level through the power of a clear mission statement, true values and a definite corporate culture that is brimming with purpose. Our 2 to 5-day in-house program also addresses the interpersonal relationships of your team, your internal communications and the way in which feedback is both given and received – a process that will bring your team closer together than ever before.

The Intensive Training

Our experienced corporate culture psychologists and entrepreneurs accompany you and your team throughout your individualized transformation process.

Strengthen your leadership skills, your internal cohesion and create a healthy and trusting corporate culture. Gain insights into your team’s unique dynamic, and then customize the program to your needs by utilizing our preliminary team analysis. The data you provide us via our mobile app supplies us with all the knowledge we need in order to initiate the most significant changes possible during any multi-day intervention. No minute is wasted, no opportunity missed.

  • Get to know the latest leadership practices
  • Reflect intensively on your behavior within the team
  • Learn to communicate constructively
  • Strengthen your team’s cohesion
  • Transform your corporate culture

What our clients say

  • Wow! You took us from a ‘committee’ to a ‘high performing team’ in 3 days…The results we achieved with your team surpassed my expectations. We were gridlocked around mission critical issues and again thank you so much for a great two days! i feel like we made solid progress and you were largely responsible for that. We’re lucky to have you on our side and I’m looking forward to seeing you again soon.

    James Pitaro
    Chairman - Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media
  • I am one of your biggest fans! When i assumed the chief executive role at Kaiser Permanente there wasn’t a team, but you so wisely coached us, we were a ‘commitee’ of loosely associated silos…between your expert coaching and the many Fierce Dialogues that have ensued, you guided us into a truly high performing team of fully aligned senior executives. We are delivering results not possible before our work with you and can’t thank you enough for the contribution to those outcomes. I tell every leader I can about Fierce Dialogue in hopes they too can benefit from this breakthrough that stands apart from anything we’ve done at Kaiser Permanente.

    Donna Lynne
    President & CEO - Kaiser Permanente Corporation
  • Masterful! What your team was able to accomplish through the Strategic Growth Audit and a single Unleash The Leader Within program was truly extraordinary and the results we achieved surprised and surpassed my expectations. Being a serial entrepreneur and now CIO in an aggressive start up e-commerce company, I am familiar with challenges. We had many – particularly in setting the team, leader and culture piece right. Your process respectfully identified the issues, framed them in ways we could understand and empowered us to engage in strategic, tactical and very personal conversations that were not happening before and must for us to be successful. It was a reset and important new beginning for our senior leadership team and I see possibilities that were not there before our work with you. Cheers!

    Keiron Mccammon
    CIO - Moda Operandi

Sustainable learning success through digital support

Insights: Trusted by Leaders

In addition to in-depth training, you and your team will have access to Argopreneurs mobile platform for sustainable team development. In a space created specifically for you and your team, we will provide you with all the necessary learning content and documents. Through tailored materials and intensive tests — including before and after training — you and your team will walk away with a lasting and profound learning experience that all participants can then use to further the success and development of your company’s corporate culture.

A highly experienced team of entrepreneurs and consultants

As an entrepreneur, you can not afford to hire consultants that are learning and earning at your expense. Argopreneurs gives you access to an exclusive team of real-life entrepreneurs who have already won the battle that you are now fighting. Our experts are innovators, change-agents and psychologists and, above all else, passionate entrepreneurs with a deep understanding of the challenges you face.

Loes Fokker - Transformations-Coach Argo Brainworks

Drs. Loes Fokker

ScaleUp, Leadership & Corporate Culture
Nina Fischer Produktinnovation Coach

Nina Fischer

Design Thinking & Systemic Coaching

Dr. Christoph Quarch

Leadership & Corporate Culture

Simone Ashoff

Digital Transformation & Digital Communication

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