Design Sprint

Develop new products and services that your customers will love in just five days using Design Thinking, the most successful innovation method worldwide

We offer:

  • Design Sprint in 2-5 days
  • Identification of personas
  • Develop prototypes
  • Design Thinking in reality

What you take away:

  • Get to know your target customers
  • Identify your customers' major pains
  • Develop innovative solutions
  • Build and test prototypes

Essential for:

  • Ambitious teams
  • Traditional industries

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Successfully implemented

Along with our clients, Argopreneurs uses fast-paced sprints to face strategically essential challenges that develop innovative sustainable solutions. Our Design Thinking program has already successfully implemented innovation practices for numerous clients on both a national and international level.

True innovation in just 5 days' time

The Design Sprint is a two to five-day process for solving critical problems and developing new ideas. The goal is to find user-centered solutions that are convincing from the user’s point of view. Supervised by a Sprint Leader, your team learns to apply various methods of design, prototyping, and testing. The best-known approach is based on the Google Sprint Model, a yardstick for innovation the world over.

5-day Design Sprint

The Design Sprint

During the Design Sprint highly experienced Design Thinking coaches guide you and your team through your innovation project. To do this, we first analyze your team by checking their current level of knowledge. To achieve the best possible results during the Sprint, Argopreneurs’ mobile app supplies you with all the relevant knowledge. The Sprint utilizes customer interviewing and ideation and prototyping to work out specific solutions that can be applied later during the innovation process.

  • Specify the design challenge
  • Solve your problems effectively
  • Understand the needs of your customers properly
  • Develop exceptional solutions
  • Test prototypes after 5 days, not two years
  • Develop a sustainable action plan

What our clients say

  • Great coaching that playfully introduces you to the Design Thinking method and provides you with a first, ready-to-use toolkit. Definitely hungry for more!

    Valeria Bernardy

Sustainable learning success through digital support

Insights: Trusted by Leaders

In addition to in-depth training, you and your team will have access to Argopreneurs mobile platform for sustainable team development. In a space created specifically for you and your team, we will provide you with all the necessary learning content and documents. Through tailored materials and intensive tests — including before and after training — you and your team will walk away with a lasting and profound learning experience that all participants can then use to further the success and development of your company’s corporate culture.

A highly experienced team of entrepreneurs and consultants

As an entrepreneur, you can not afford to hire consultants that are learning and earning at your expense. Argopreneurs gives you access to an exclusive team of real-life entrepreneurs who have already won the battle that you are now fighting. Our experts are innovators, change-agents and psychologists and, above all else, passionate entrepreneurs with a deep understanding of the challenges you face.

Nina Fischer Produktinnovation Coach

Nina Fischer

Design Thinking & Systemic Coaching
stefan söllner protrait

Stefan Soellner

Infrastructures & Innovation
Benjamin Jadkowski ist Experte und Coach für Design Thinking

Benjamin Jadkowski

Agile Project Management
laura portrait

Laura Krentzlin

Design Thinking & Systemic Coaching
Göran Hielscher ist Experte und Coach für Design Thinking

Goeran Hielscher

Design Thinking & Communication

Steffen Bahnsen

Design Thinking & Strategy
Eliza Petcheniouk ist Expertin für Design Thinking

Eliza Petcheniouk

Design Thinking & Collaboration

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