Sales Academy

Learn from the world's best sales experts how to dramatically increase your sales without losing focus of your core business

We offer:

  • 2- to 5-day program
  • Up to 24 participants
  • Extensive learning materials
  • Ready-to-use toolkit

What you take away:

  • Increase sales in 7 days!
  • Optimize sales processes
  • Online and offline sales strategies
  • Control and increase team performance

Essential for:

  • Focused entrepreneurs
  • Startups with a sales focus
  • Innovative sales teams

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Successfully supported

Argopreneurs helps companies worldwide develop outstanding sales strategies, value-enhanced sales structures and build highly productive sales teams in order to increase the sales effectiveness of their organizations significantly.

Without sales, the best product is worthless

In a world of overstimulation and endless choice in almost every product category, marketing and sales are becoming increasingly important. The simple email campaign or telephone cold calling are history. In addition to content products and relationship management, data analysis and automation are among the fundamental building blocks of good sales.

Take part in the Sales Academy and you will be empowered to increase your sales in just 7 days!

The Sales Academy

The multi-day Sales Academy equips you and your team with the world’s best sales strategies, systems, processes, capabilities, and tools. Depending on your organization’s needs, we create and set an individual focus for your Sales Academy.

  • Acquire the mind-set of the world's best sellers
  • Systematically generate new leads
  • Increase sales per customer through both up and cross selling
  • Automate lead-generating sales activities
  • Optimize your branding and your sales materials


What our clients say

  • I hire Dr. Jeff for continuous sales training workshops for our members. We had him as a keynote speaker for our leadership conference this year and he was outstanding! He is one of the most professional trainers I’ve ever worked with and receives the highest ratings available after each session. He is a fantastic teacher, who motivates our sales teams to go back out there and sell, sell, sell! A pleasure to work wit,h and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for sales, leadership and motivation speakers.

    Becky Carron
    Sr. Director of Meetings & Conferences at Natl Assn of Electrical Distributors
  • I took the recommendations of my peers and hired Dr. Magee for two days of training. My sales force team is comprised of national guard recruiters. The training was motivaitonal, but more importantly my team learned new tips, techniques and gained new concepts beyond basic sales fundamentals. Directly after the training, we exceeded our sales/production numbers for over 100 days. Dr. Magee’s training works!

    Randy Higginbotham
    Director (Commander) of the Iowa Recruiting and Retention Battalion
  • Dr. Jeff Magee is one of the most talented and skilled sales coaches and trainers I have worked with in the last 14 years of marketing and sales online. My biggest take away is that there is really no problem that cannot be solved and his solutions and training have increased sales and profitability of both my companies. Read, talk to, meet with, whatever you can with Jeff. Cannot recommend him highly enough.

    Tad Stephens

Sustainable learning success through digital support

Insights: Trusted by Leaders

In addition to in-depth training, you and your team will have access to Argopreneurs mobile platform for sustainable team development. In a space created specifically for you and your team, we will provide you with all the necessary learning content and documents. Through tailored materials and intensive tests — including before and after training — you and your team will walk away with a lasting and profound learning experience that all participants can then use to further the success and development of your company’s corporate culture.

A highly experienced team of entrepreneurs and consultants

As an entrepreneur, you can not afford to hire consultants that are learning and earning at your expense. Argopreneurs gives you access to an exclusive team of real-life entrepreneurs who have already won the battle that you are now fighting. Our experts are innovators, change-agents and psychologists and, above all else, passionate entrepreneurs with a deep understanding of the challenges you face.

Loes Fokker - Transformations-Coach Argo Brainworks

Drs. Loes Fokker

ScaleUp, Leadership & Corporate Culture
Nina Fischer Produktinnovation Coach

Nina Fischer

Design Thinking & Systemic Coaching

Dr. Christoph Quarch

Leadership & Corporate Culture

Simone Ashoff

Digital Transformation & Digital Communication

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