Star Performer Profiling

Identify the top talent among your current team and new applicants and discover the secret sauce that turns your team members into star performers

We offer:

  • Assessment of your top performers
  • Identification of relevant patterns
  • Concrete action recommendations
  • Support for new hires

What you take away:

  • Recognize top talent
  • Promote up-and-coming talent
  • Reduce recruiting effort
  • Retain top employees

Essential for:

  • HR-oriented entrepreneurs
  • Result-oriented HR

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Identify top talent

Argopreneurs has been helping companies worldwide to build outstanding teams, leaders and corporate cultures for decades. Put your performance and resilience to good use and recognize the top talent in your organization by using our Applicant Assessment.

Star Performer Profiling: Build the perfect team

Seldom has the need for top employees been so demanding and the profiles of these candidates so complex. Corporations, international consultants and tech startups are all courting the very best abilities in what has become a War for Talent. In addition to any degree, however, experience and various personality traits have a significant impact on the performance of employees. Star Performer Profiling will help you recognize top talent and select only the very best candidates for your team.

The Star Performer Profiling

Our experienced organizational psychologists investigate the secrets of your top performers’ success and from this provide you with invaluable insights for your recruitment, employment, and development, all of which subsequently improves your human resources. You will never have to base your hiring decisions on good luck ever again. We help you recognize the top performers and team players among your applicants and show you how to not only secure their services but how to retain these essential employees.

Assessment of your top performers:

1. Analysis: We conduct psychometric tests (the EQ-i 2.0 Emotional Intelligence Test and the Hogan Personality Test) and face-to-face interviews with a selected group of your top staff and applicants.

2. Evaluation: We identify performance-enhancing attitudes, skills, and behaviors, create a holistic profile of your “Star Performer” and develop suggestions for your human resources from this.

3. Action Plan: We help you develop an action plan to significantly improve your recruitment and hiring and development based on the specific needs of your organization. An action plan, once implemented, that will deliver top talent through your door again and again.

Sustainable learning success through digital support

Insights: Trusted by Leaders

In addition to in-depth training, you and your team will have access to Argopreneurs mobile platform for sustainable team development. In a space created specifically for you and your team, we will provide you with all the necessary learning content and documents. Through tailored materials and intensive tests — including before and after training — you and your team will walk away with a lasting and profound learning experience that all participants can then use to further the success and development of your company’s corporate culture.

A highly experienced team of entrepreneurs and consultants

As an entrepreneur, you can not afford to hire consultants that are learning and earning at your expense. Argopreneurs gives you access to an exclusive team of real-life entrepreneurs who have already won the battle that you are now fighting. Our experts are innovators, change-agents and psychologists and, above all else, passionate entrepreneurs with a deep understanding of the challenges you face.

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Drs. Loes Fokker

ScaleUp, Leadership & Corporate Culture
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Nina Fischer

Design Thinking & Systemic Coaching

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Leadership & Corporate Culture

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Digital Transformation & Digital Communication

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